Let’s break it down

You started a business to create and do purposeful work that you love but you’re just not making enough money (or any money at all!). You’ve set your prices based on what others are charging for similar products and services but for some reason you’re still not breaking even or paying yourself a decent salary.

You want a profitable business! You want a simpler way to figure out exactly what to charge to make a living doing what you love. You want to enjoy your creative work without worrying about whether you’ll have any money to show for it at the end of the year.

Whether your business is brand new or you’ve been at it for years, The Pricing Workbook will break down how to price your products and services and guide you in understanding your value so that you can confidently charge what you KNOW you’re worth and grow your business.

What’s Included

The Pricing Workbook is a 20 page PDF guide that walks you through the process of setting your prices for your products and services through simple prompts and formulas, crafting your unique value proposition, and mapping out a profit plan to continually grow your business.

The Wrong Way to Price Your Products & Services

Discover the pricing mistakes that many creative business owners make and rest assured that you aren’t leaving money on the table.

Cost vs. Value and Finding the Sweet Spot

Understand the difference between a cost-based strategy and a value-based strategy and utilize both in finding your pricing “sweet spot”.

Let’s do some (easy) MATH!

Plan out your revenue streams and then follow the simple guide and pricing formula to determine your pricing for each product or service that you offer.

The Importance of VALUE

Uncover the easiest way to make more money and craft your unique value proposition so that clients and customers will NEVER think you’re too expensive.

Create a Profit Plan

Learn how to set base, mid-level, and peak goals for your sales so that you know exactly what you need to sell to keep your business profitable and sustainable long-term.

BONUS Lesson! Accounting for Profit & How to Pay Yourself

Learn how to set up easy accounting systems and pay yourself the right way so that you always have the money you need in the bank when you need it.

Take a peek inside

In addition to the strategy, charts, and formulas included in the Workbook, you also receive EIGHT amazingly helpful and time-saving spreadsheets that are SUPER simple to use. Just plug in your numbers and all the math is done FOR YOU! The spreadsheets make it extremely easy to adjust your numbers and sales goals on the fly and see directly how they impact your bottom line.

The Pricing Workbook Cover

The Pricing Workbook Cover


Profit Plan for Products

Fixed Costs Speadsheet

Cost Based Formula

Profit Plan Spreadsheet

The Story


The Pricing Workbook
PLUS The Pricing Spreadsheets


  • 20 Page PDF Workbook
  • 5 Lessons filled with actionable content & strategy
  • My proven pricing formulas to easily price each product or service offering
  • Guide to creating a profit plan
  • Bonus Lesson on creating a profitable accounting system and paying yourself
  • Bundle of 8 Spreadsheets in both Excel and Numbers formats

The Pricing Workbook, Spreadsheets,
and a 1-on-1 Strategy Session


  • 20 Page PDF Workbook
  • 5 Lessons filled with actionable content & strategy
  • My proven pricing formulas to easily price each product or service offering
  • Guide to creating a profit plan
  • Bonus Lesson on creating a profitable accounting system and paying yourself
  • Bundle of 8 Spreadsheets in both Excel and Numbers formats
  • A 60 minute 1-on-1 Strategy Session with Kristin Kaplan


Jodi Brandon - Jodi Brandon Editorial

Jodi Brandon - Jodi Brandon Editorial

The Pricing Workbook is JUST what I needed as I head into the new year offering a new service. Kristin's advice to "not trade hours for dollars" was an a-ha moment for me! The bundle does the math for you (and, let's face it, for most of us that's the yucky part) and spells out, quite simply, what you must charge to grow your business. The Pricing Workbook is an invaluable resource that I will be revisiting again and again.

Jessica Freeman - Jess Creatives

I wish I had this workbook years ago! This workbook makes setting your prices so clear and easy. Instead of arbitrarily setting prices, Kristin helps you strategically set your prices to have a profitable business!

Jessica Freeman - Jess Creatives
Ashley Stork - I Do I Do Wedding Planning

Ashley Stork - I Do I Do Wedding Planning

Working through Kristin's Pricing Workbook was invaluable to my business. It was incredibly eye opening in terms of my costs, and what I truly needed to be charging to be profitable. The workbook is full of super helpful information and makes pricing and numbers way less intimidating!


“I downloaded the first free-version of The Pricing Workbook: 6 Basic Steps to Pricing Your Services and it was SO informative. I don’t need this new version, right?”

Ohh but you DO!

You see, I have taken the original free-edition of the workbook and packed it with TONS of new info that delves much deeper into uncovering your pricing mistakes, understanding your value and uncovering how to get clients to pay you exactly what you’re worth. I’ve also tweaked the pricing formula to be more precise (and added a formula for product-based businesses too!), added a bonus lesson all about accounting systems and paying yourself, AND created the easy-to-use Pricing Spreadsheet Bundle to save you time. The original workbook had the basic steps, the NEW workbook gives you ALL the steps!

The Pricing Workbook IS for you if:

  • You are an established creative business owner who needs a simple, straight-forward, and effective pricing strategy to GROW your business to new levels
  • You are a brand new business owner who wants to know what to charge to make a living doing what you love
  • You have been running your business a hobby or a side-gig but you are now ready to have a LEGIT business and take it full-time with a full-time salary to match
  • You are a service-based business looking to stand out from the pack and get paid for more than just your costs but your VALUE too
  • You are a product-based business and you want to be sure that you are making a good profit off of both your retail and wholesale prices
  • You are a creative, right-brained individual, and feel this whole business, number-crunching side of things is for the birds

About Kristin

Well hello friend!
I’m an entrepreneur, wife, mother of three, and extreme list maker. A northerner by way of Los Angeles, I am now happily settled in Nashville, Tennessee and love everything about living in Music City. I’ve been planning weddings with my company, Stunning Events, for 9 years and am passionate about teaching, motivating, and coaching other creative entrepreneurs (like you!) and helping them to live a life of purpose by building a solid business foundation and charging what they are worth. I LOVE running a business. Give me goals, financial plans, budgets, marketing strategies, mission statements, and I am a happy girl in business-land. Overtime I noticed that I seemed to be a bit of an anomaly. Most of my creative wedding friends preferred to bake cakes, or take photos, or plan weddings, rather than work ON their businesses. In fact I realized many had never written a business plan and were grossly undercharging for their products and services. Does this sound like you? Well friend, I am here to help. Let’s build a business that you love, so that you can truly enjoy doing the creative work that you were meant to do. I believe planning a business doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With the right plan, tools, encouragement, and support, you too can make a profit doing what you LOVE.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive The Pricing Workbook?

Once you enter your info and click to purchase, you’ll be sent an email with a link to download The Pricing Workbook PDF. From there you can print it out if you’re a paper and pen person or read it digitally and get to work!

How long does the workbook take?

I have created this workbook to be ACTIONABLE therefore it will take you some time gather your business costs, work through all the steps and formulas, and map out your profit plan. I would plan to set aside 2-3 hours to complete The Pricing Workbook and create your pricing strategy. If you also purchase The Pricing Spreadsheet Bundle, you will definitely save some time and math headaches as all you have to do is plug in the numbers!

What is included in the 1-on-1 strategy session?

If you purchase The Pricing Workbook and strategy session with yours truly, I will reach out via email to schedule a time for our session. During your 60 minute video call we will work through your pricing strategy together as well as work on your value proposition and planning out your revenue streams and sales goals. You will also receive an action plan following our session so that you can have everything you need to put your new pricing strategy in place.

What if I don’t learn anything?

I completely understand that you want to be sure your hard earned dollars are being spent wisely. I have spent several years learning and understanding the many facets of pricing strategy and honing these formulas with REAL business owners just like you. This workbook is jam-packed with useful information that will jump-start your business finances and is worth every penny (and more!). If for some reason you have completed the full workbook and still aren’t satisfied, shoot me an email within the first 5 days of purchase and we’ll chat about your situation.

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